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5 Most Awkward Things Guests Don’t Like But Rarely Talk About

Not cleaning furniture

All of you have been a guess in someone’s home and may be sometime what you find there does not really please you. Imagine sitting on a coach and the next time you get up, you are covered in a layer of fur, and may be you were going somewhere else, this can be very embarrassing. It is very hard to keep a house where pets live perfectly clean. It better to clean all the surfaces with a brush before guests come

Not asking people about their preferences

When you realize you will be having a guest, you prepare yourself in various ways but before doing some major steps like cooking, you should ask them what they like and what they do not. Some individuals do not take sugar, some like coffee with cream; just do not make your guest take something they are not used to. They cannot say if they are okay with it or not because they do not want to be rude.

Not keeping floor clean

You should maintain hygiene in your house especially on the surfaces. Some guest make come over with kids, and as we all know kids like crawling or playing in on the floor, it will not be a good picture to your guests when they pick up their kids and the kid’s clothes are dirty

Asking to help you cook

Most of you have been is this kind of a situation, where you pay a visit to someone and they tell you to help them in the kitchen, may be cleaning fish and other activities. Some of them even ask you to help in cleaning after eating, this is not polite way to treat a guest, some may never show their reaction but it is not good.

Neglecting the bathroom

One of the places where you should always keep clean is the bathroom especially when you are expecting some guests, you do not want to that situation where a guests attends the bathroom and finds that there is no toilet paper. You should also warn the guests about any kind of trouble with the bathroom and the toilet to avoid awkward situation

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