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Here Are 5 Ways To Transform Plain Shelves In Your Space

Shelves can be functional in different ways like storing books in an office, storing utensils in homes, can be used as decor by placing different items, can also be used in the bedroom.

Only a little shelf styling and pretty patterned paper is needed to help punch up the plain furniture piece.

1.Well a plain furniture will look different, one of the ways to make it functional is to place it at the corner of your house or kitchen with utensils

2.A book shelf

If you are a reader or in office and want a different yet beautiful way of storing your documents or books see below

3.Shelves can be used as dividers to divide one room and provide privacy

In that shelf utilise it by storing items there like the television

4.You can gather glasses and bottles of wine, liquor, and mixers in a shelf and have a good way of arranging them.

5.Bedroom shelves

These are used to store your clothes and other items found in the bedroom

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