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Make An Egg Incubator At Home Using A Box Or A Bottle

The cost of an egg incubator can be so high making many farmers opt to buy chicks from other chicken company.

Many years ago I came across an article that explains on how one can be able to create an egg incubator and start a chicken company.

The following are the things that will be needed.

1) 25 Walts bulb, Bulb holder and a wire.

2) A box or A Bottle.

3) Some old clothes.

4) water with a basin.

5) Thermometer.


Step 1) Make a whole on the box and fix the bulb holder that is already connected with the wire.

Step 2) Put some sawdust in the box.

Step 3) Place the egg on the saw dust carefully.

Step 4) Place the water that has the badin in the box and in the water place the thermometer.

Step 5) At this point you can fix the motor if you see it necessary.

Step 6) Fix the bulb and switch on the lights.

Each an every day turn the eggs twice and also change the water once a day. On the 18th day stop turning the egg to allow the chick position it self.

Content created and supplied by: Freddyfred (via Opera News )


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