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6 Furniture Placement Mistakes Almost Every Home Owner Makes

Choosing kitchen furniture before buying household appliances

You are advised to choose kitchen appliances like a fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave oven, and other necessary items before designing a kitchen, place them in the right places, and then choose kitchen units, like a dining table. Or else, you may end up having no place for putting kitchen appliances, and the space will look cluttered and tight.

The distance between the kitchen island and the main unit is less than 40 inchesAlways choose a kitchen island because it is a perfect solution for increasing storage space and workspace. But it only works in cases when the kitchen is really big. If the room is small, the island will only take up space, and it won’t help you in any way. It’s believed that there should be about 40 inches of empty space around the island. It will be difficult to move around the kitchen if you don’t follow this rule.

Your big bathroom isn’t divided into zonesIn a situation when the area of a bathroom is really big, the owners tend to place all the furniture and plumbing along the walls and end up having a lot of empty space in the middle. This simply doesn’t look nicea and in cases like this, designers recommend splitting the room into zones. It can be done with the help of a glass wall, partitions, or even folding screens. Actually, the best option is to split the room into 2 or 3 parts like a washing zone, a toilet, and a showering zone.

The table in the kitchen takes up too much spaceOne of the worst solutions for a small kitchen is having a big dining table. However, sometimes we want to have a time together with friends but don’t have enough space. In this case, it’s better to use the following trick, consider using benches or backless chairs instead of typical couches and standard chairs. The former can be hidden under the table, which will help you have more space.

A toilet that is located opposite to the doorIn terms of design, this is quite a bad solution. The toilet will be better if it's placed in a position where it's not fully seen when the door is opened. Keep in mind that there should be empty space on both sides of it when locating the toilet or else, it will be uncomfortable for you to use it because you’ll keep hitting your elbows on nearby furniture or walls. A space of about 8 inches from each side is sufficient.

A freestanding bathtub takes up the entire width of the roomMost people have been choosing freestanding bathtubs recently which don’t actually look nice in every bathroom. If the length of the room is 7 feet and the bathtub itself is taking up 6.5 feet, then it will be useless in putting it there because it will look unkempt. Moreover, one of the main advantages of a freestanding bathtub is being able to clean the floor around it. It will be hard to do this if the distance between the tub and the walls is less than 4 inches. Keep in mind that the optimal distance from the furthest wall should be 8 inches, and it should be about 1 foot from its surrounding walls.

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