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My Facial Tumor Ruined My Life Completely; Girl Laments

Valena is a young girl aged 18years old and have narrated how the face tumor has ruined her life and she almost losing hope.

According to her is that when she was seven years old a pimple developed on her forehead and the parent thought it was a normal pimple but as she grows it kept growing.

After she was taken to the hospital the doctors gave her some pain killers and referred her to a bigger hospital in the city, since the doctors in their country couldn't be able to perform a surgery they kept on postponing for her treatment until one doctor was honest and told the parent to take her to abroad for treatment which was very expensive.

Valena says that since her parent couldn't afford to raise such amount of money they went back home,life has not being easy for her because people in her village has being calling her animal names and others call her zombie which hurt her a lot.

She says that the tumor has ruined her life since she dropped out of school and can not do anything that requires a lot of energy because her head is too heavy for her and most of the time she has headaches.

Valena is now pleading with well wishes to help her raise money so that she can be able to get advanced treatment in abroad and she will be forever great full.


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