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Peculiar Things From Asia That Even Astounds Scientists

Valentine’s Day for single peopleIn South Korea, there is a separate celebration, known as Black Day, for those who are single, which is observed on April 14 every year. On this day, Korean singles gather together to forget about their loneliness and console each other about their lack of romantic relationships and eat a black bean noodle dish known as Jajangmyeon.

Japanese square dogsThe Japanese might be a little bit obsessed with geometry. A few years ago, a new trend emerged in the land of the rising sun where dog owners were grooming their pets into perfect symmetrical cubes. It probably seems somewhat strange and eccentric to the casual observer.

World’s first forest cityThis new city in China is a dream come true that combines the best of both worlds. Liuzhou, the first forest city in the world, has been designed with sustainability in mind. In order to fight environmental pollution, every single building will be covered in plants and trees. It is believed that they will be able to absorb 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide, whilst producing 900 tons of oxygen a year.

Snail facialsThose who are into beauty can now get a snail facial for just $30 if you are into trying new things and feeling adventurous. According to the experts in Thailand, this procedure will make your skin softer, firmer, and might get rid of small wrinkles.

First robot doctorThe first robot doctor in the world is called Xiaoyi which means “little doctor” in Chinese. It has recently successfully passed a medical exam in China. It was developed to help human doctors treat patients more effectively. The robot scored 456 points, 96 points above the required passing grade.

Floating doughnut boat in SingaporeTourists can now enjoy a fun day out in Singapore dining out in the open waters. You don’t even need to own a private yacht, all you need to do is rent a floating doughnut boat. It is both available to couples and groups alike, it is a quirky and enjoyable way to spend a marvelous time together that will certainly become a beautiful long-lasting memory.

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