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Top Secrets on How to Save Your Gas Cylinder and Make it Last For Three Months

Most of the people keep complaining about how their gas's do not last longer after they refill. With the current increase in the price of refilling a gas, you can easily be bothered if it doesn't last. People love cooking with a gas cylinder because it helps to save time by preparing food quickly. The gas cookers do not have any smoke and they are easy to use.

Here are some of the tips to make sure you gas lasts longer.

Avoid using your gas when it is at a high level of heat. Ensure that the heat is moderate when cooking meals. When you keep cooking food an increased level of heat, there is a higher chance that you has will be over sooner. A high heat level will only increase the noise pollution in the house and the food might end up not being well cooked. When cooking mostly tea a high level of heat could easily lead to the pouring of all the tea.

Avoid cooking foods that last longer on your gas. Ensure that you buy a jiko which can help in cooking food like githeri, beans , chapati and others. You should only use the gas cylinder to cook food that takes little time to be ready. You cannot cook githeri on your gas every week and expect that it will even last a month. It's not possible.

Stop overcooking food. When you leave food on the gas for a very long time yet it was already well cooked, you are wasting the gas. It's important to keep checking if the meal is ready if wnat to save your gas. Leaving food on the gas and going to do other things only wastes your gas and the food can easily get burnt.

Cook enough food to last for two to three days if possible. When you cook food that could be eaten for supper and lunch the next today, u will be able to save your gas.There is no need for you to cook very little food each time and end up wasting your gas.

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