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Annoying people you will find in matatu stage.

Here are three characters who deem stages their forte with some traits that one may consider annoying.

1. The nagging hawkers.

You are seated on a matatu on a chilly evening, dreading the traffic this city always seems to be unable to manage and the matatu has not left the stage yet. The hawkers pass by your window bidding their wares and you only respond not today. Some hawkers decide to rain you with insults and others try to win you with persuasiveness.

2. The conductors.

Their persuasiveness nature beats that of a politician rallying for votes. They are a pain in the neck especially when they fight for you like a pack of hungry wolves. They are full of expletives that may make one stifle in embarrassment. Sometimes you are in hurry to go somewhere and the conductor beckons you to a matatu. He claims to be full and when you peer inside you confirm its full ready to go. You board only to meet by the rude shock that almost three quarters of the passengers were just warming the seats and to fool the incoming.

3. The carriers.

You alight a matatu and out of thin air they appear raring to lighten your burdens like low budget saviours. They are so callous in the way they snatch you loads. They tend to move in a high speed leaving you lagging behind huffing and puffing to catch up with them. Some might disappear with your things.

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