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Reasons Why Your Baby Has High Temperature

Parenting may be tough especially for new moms who doesn't know what do to when the baby suddenly develops high temperature.The misfortune is that the temperature mostly rises up at night and the tension becomes unbearable.Well below are the reasons why the baby may be having high temperature

1.Warm Clothes

The baby's head may be hot when you stuff him with woolen clothes.the clothes trap warmth making the baby's temperatures to rise which is usually evident by hot head


When babies are teething their temperatures tend to rise and the head get hot.If this happens you shouldn't worry just give the child paracetamol or teething creams to relieve the pain

3.Getting excited

The feelings of the baby may also arouse the hot head condition.The baby may be so happy or bored and keep on tosing and moving in bed,this movement warms up the head resulting in high Temperature.

Incase your baby has hot head,you shouldn't dress him/her.Let the baby sleep naked,dressing the baby complicates the situation.You can deep a cloth in warm water and try to cool his temperature and give him/her water to cool down the temperature.incase you attempt all this and there is no change then don't hesitate to see a doctor

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