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7 Household Items That Have Cool Environmentally Friendly Counterparts

A home-grown kitchen sponge instead of a disposable one

The ordinary disposable sponges are made from plastic on the other hand, the home-grown ones are completely natural and made of luffa, a plant in the cucumber family. You can grow it yourself in your garden and make your own sponges.

LED light bulb instead of a regular bulb

The LED bulbs are somehow more expensive, but they lasts 25 to 35 times longer than a regular light bulb and they're also more efficient. They also produce far less heat and consume less energy. And this can prevent the need for new power plants and keep the environment safer.

Metal chopsticks in place of wooden ones

Most people have adapted the Asian habits by having wooden chopsticks at home. Some people got them after food delivery, and others bought them on purpose and use them on a regular basis. The truth is that, every year in China alone, 3.8 million trees are cut down to make chopsticks. And metal sticks will serve you for many years without requiring replacement. You can even take them to a restaurant with you and warn the waiter that you don’t need disposable chopsticks.

Replacing regular deodorant with crystal deodorant

Crystal deodorants don’t cover the skin with a film and don’t clog the sweat glands, because they aren’t supposed to completely eliminate sweat production. The products have antimicrobial properties, and they kill odor-causing bacteria. Therefore, you’ll actually sweat, but you won’t have to worry about the smell.

Bamboo dental floss instead of artificial fiber floss

In contrast with nylon or Teflon dental floss, bamboo floss is completely compostable because it starts to decompose after 60 to 90 days. It’s enough to just make a small hole in the ground and place the used thread there. We are also aware that bamboo grows very quickly, and it takes less water and energy to grow it and make dental floss from it, than the production of the same floss that is made of plastic requires.

Replace disposable straws with metal straws for drinks

We always use straws for drinks everywhere — like in cafes and at home, since it’s very convenient and cheap. But they are not very ecologically-friendly. Reusable stainless steel straws can be an alternative because they will last for years and they help reduce plastic waste.

Use reusable silicone swabs instead of disposable cotton ones

The swabs that we use for cleaning our ears look exactly like the disposable ones we are used to, but one stick can be used about a thousand times. The tips of the reusable swabs are made of medical-grade silicone in that, you can wash them with soap and water after every use, and then the swab is ready to be reused again later. A silicone stick can’t remove, for example, water from the ear like a cotton swab can, but it does an excellent job when it comes to cleaning.

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