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Don't Throw Away Broken Glass Bottles And See Better Things You Can Do With Them (Photos).

Most of the time we only think that glass bottles are only used for holding food stuffs, drinks and other usable liquids. This line of thought make some of us to throw away used and broken glass bottles. Throwing away these bottles makes them pile up in a given area and inturn leads to environmental degradation. In addition, broken bottles can cause serious injuries to individuals walking on bare foot in the dump sites.

This article reviews the use of broken glass bottles in decorating walls of houses and perimeter wall fences. These glasses can be mounted on the walls using cement, adobe or stucco. Their shiny colour can make your walls have a fabulous view.

Apart from decoration works, broken glass bottles can also be used to enhance security in your home, farm or any other residential area. These glasses are fixed on the top of the perimeter walls to display their sharp edges. The sharp edges can hurt any animal or human being trying to climb the wall.

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