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Happy Moments Among Luo Communities.

In Kenya, there are many communities. In major towns, different communities live together as brothers and sisters. Here the commonly used language is Kiswahili language. In most offices the language that is commonly used is English.

There have been many means of commutation that Kenyans use to pass and gather information. Among them are mobile phones, radios, televisions and many others.

Most TV stations in Kenya have different programs. Most of these programs are conducted either in Kiswahili language or English language.

Royal media services is one of the services that provide Kenyans with information through radios and TVs. Among the TV stations that Royal media services provide are: Citizen TV, Inoro TV and many more.

Today Luos were very happy and blessed when the Royal media services launched a Luo TV called Ramogi TV. The launching was highly welcomed by most Luos as they will now be watching news in their vernacular language.

The news anchors entertained the viewers through culture dances where the chief entertainer was a popular local Luo Musician know as Prince lndah.

What a wonderful day in Luo Land!

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