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Opinion: Reasons Central Kenya Has Always Been The Center of All Mashujaa Day Celebrations

Today being a significant day for Kenyans of all walks of life , there are new revelations about the history of this country called Kenya. Every year, on twentieth of October is a day when Kenyans celebrate all the heroes answer heroins who participated in the liberation of the country from the bondage of colonialism as well as those that have in one way or the other, have brought pride to this great nation.

During one of interviews by a KBC journalist to one Mwai wa Muthengi, who is one of the few surviving Mau Mau fighters, he brought out one interesting fact about the reason why central Kenya has always been quite significant place as far as mashujaa celebrations are concerned. In his interview, he said that during the mau mau war, fifty tones of explosives were exploded within Mt. Kenya and Abardare ranges among other central Kenya "mountains" in an attempt to eliminate all the freedom fighters by the British government.

The main reasons why the bombarded areas where a target by the British government was that it was quite thick and mau mau fighters were engaging in guerilla warfare. Also know-how of the terrains by the geurillas made the areas the best points of engagement and or attack.

Happy Mashujaa Day.

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