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Do Not Use Ordinary Bricks, See The New And Cheap Type Of Bricks That Are Stronger And Lighter.

Bricks are normally made of clay. This has been the norm since time immemorial. However,breaks made of clay and baked have one problem. They are heavy and easily break during transportation. A new type of bricks eliminates the use of clay and employs recycling of old plastic materials to make the bricks.

This new type of bricks is gotten from waste plastics. The plastics are mixed with sand,heated and then compressed into bricks. The bricks made out of this process are lighter and is reported to be 5 to 7 times more stronger than concrete.

The bricks vary in prices depending on their thickness and colour. They come in various colours including red, blue,brown and grey.

These bricks are very light compared to the clay made bricks. This makes their transportation easy and cost effective. Their light nature also speeds the construction process as masons have easy time in their manipulation.

These bricks are also good for making Pavements due to their strong nature.

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