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Things Which Will Force You To Fail

1) Concentrating on doing only the new things while neglecting the old things, this is where you focus on the new developing things such as technology and types of business while forgetting that, you first need to understand how they worked in the past before understanding the developed methods.

2) You keep having too much expectation on a single activity to be able to give you a lot of money instead of having other alternatives of making money, this will bring frustration when that thing fails.

3) Misusing the knowledge that you have, hence ending up making what you know to become absolute. This is where when you develop an idea you set short term perspectives of how that idea will be able to bring you money, instead of coming up with a long term perspective that would be able to bring you a lot of money once compared with the short perspectives.

4) Finally, becoming less productive with continuity of time, this is where you would start producing less when you start earning more money.

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