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Ever Thought Cactus Plant Fruit Is Not Edible, These Are Health Benefits Of Cactus Fruits And Juice

Cactus species is a type of plant that can survive in desert, semi arid areas and also tropical environments. It's fruit which is also referred to as Prickly pear is eaten raw, made into beverages ( juice) or even added to recipes while preparing food. This fruit contain antioxidants like betalins and flavonoids, fatty acids, amino acids and is also rich in fibre. While eating the fruit remove the skin which usually contain sharp spines. Avoid feeding on too much seeds since it can lead to constipation.

These are the benefits of cactus fruit;

1. Cactus fruit helps improve digestion of food. It's Potassium elements helps in absorption of food and Betalin compound has an inflammatory effect hence protecting the digestive tract.

2. Cactus fruits have antioxidants like flavonoids which help reduce bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the body. This helps in reducing body fat percentage in the body.

3. Cactus fruit is rich in vitamins such as vitamin K, C and E. These are important in maintaining a healthy body.

4. Cactus fibre enhances less absorption hence reduced energy is absorbed to the body reducing body weight.

5. Cactus juice lowers blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

6. Cactus fruit juice helps in healing of wounds.

7. Cactus fruit juice also relieves joint pain and inflammation as a result of arthritis disease. It also reduces body damage against oxidative stress.


Eating too much cactus fruits may lead to diarrhoea, bloating of the stomach, nausea and blockage of the lower intestines.

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