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Grow This Vegetable Easily At Your Home

With the hard economic times that we are going through right now because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Even prices of the most basic needs has gone up and in this case IAM referring to the vegetables. But I have good news for you as you can easily grow vegetables in your garden without a sweat. See some of the vegetables in the list below that you can grow easily save some cash on them.


Cucumbers has a lot of healthy benefits to the humans body. First they have low calories meaning that they can aid in weight loss. Try also have high content of vitamins, water and minerals. To plant these in your garden you will only need moist fertile soil and plenty of sunlight. After planting the seeds an inch deep keep watering daily once and they will germinate in a few days. Apply phosphatic fertilizer one week after emergence and after every other three weeks until the fruits form.

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