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5 Major Problematic Signs Related to Being An INFJ

INFJ is one of the Myers Briggs personalities. The INFJs possess a high view of the world. Despite being caring, they are extremely kind and empathetic.

Due to their empathetic trait, they always find themselves into major problems which in return may cause damage to them.

In this article, we shall speculate and lay our emphasis on major problems which INFJs will always understand. Though other personalities may experience some, it is highly related to the INFJs.

1. Being an INFJ you will attract so many people whom you know and those whom you don't know. This is due to their characteristic of being kind, caring, and empathetic. By empathetic, we mean that they can absorb and feel the pain of others without taking the consent of asking them.

2. INFJs have this tendency of feeling low, absurd, and unhappy if they don't make others happy. INFJs always want to make others happy. They may even go ahead to sacrifice anything for their loved ones provided it will make them joyous.

3. Another aspect that INFJs experience is the aspect of feeling too old and at the same time too young. Most of the INFJs are beloved to be the old souls. They always feel world-weary when trying to get their inner peace and meaning of whatever comes in their way.

4. INFJs are mostly known to suffer from mental health problems though they may be confused by depression. Sometimes, the INFJs we feel as squirming babies but at a time, as calm adults. The perpetual yank between the youthful and maturity stage is caused by internal conflict.

5. We embody the emblem of perfectionism. This means that they suffer from a condition that makes them feel low no matter how great they achieve. Whatever they can achieve, they always think maybe they would have done better than that.

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