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Sometimes People Like to Know About Your Personality. Se What Determines The Type of Person You Are.

Personality is the tendency to behave in a consistent manner in various situations.After meeting a person,you will find that most of them will be curious to know about the kind of person you are.It is this time that they will ask you to tell them about your personality.There are different things and situations that give you your personality.

Firstly,we do have two kinds of people



Introverts are the people who are always preoccupied with their inner feelings. They are imaginative,slow in thinking, pessimistic,shy,have meeting difficulties and are reserved.

Extroverts tend to be very active people. They direct their energy and interests towards people and things. They are sociable, present oriented, optimistic, friendly and talkative.

The following are the factors that contribute to your personality

1.Social cultural practices

In the community there are different tribes which practice different social and cultural activities.This is where their personality is built from.For instance,a man in the society is expected to be the head of the family and should be aggressive and powerful.

2.Self perception

Whatever you feed into your mind is what you get or give.Learn to speak about positive things for yourself.Never talk negatively about anything.This is how you develop a good personality.


We all know new things by learning.Learning is a continuous process and so your personality will change as you learn since you will be taught to view things differently.


Some types of personality can be inherited such as being dull,jovial, talkative and friendly.


The environment you come from contribute so much to the kind of personality you have.

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