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How I make 200k every Month from growing and selling of Napier grass.

At my home village many people turned to daily cattle rearing. As a teacher am teaching at a local primary school near my home.The need for pasture made me to venture it farming of the Napier grass. I borrowed this idea from my friend who comes from kiambu county.

The journey for planting many arce of Napier grass began. It started by planting one arce during the first month from the small capital I saved. But my neighbors requested me to sell my Napier grass to them and I made many customers. During the first weeks of harvesting my Napier grass and selling to 5 neighbors I made 20k from that one arce.That inspired me and made me to lease more arce of land at my neighbor. I managed to lease 5 more arce from the capital I received from the first sell of my Napier grass.

Right now am happy that I can manage to get 200k from the six arce of Napier grass land. Follow my advice and make your first 100k or 200k from the sell of Napier grass.

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