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How Beauty Pageants Promote Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is a way of living of different communities which is inherited and passed on to the next generations,this includes architecture, cuisine,handicrafts,rituals,customs and beliefs,

Beauty pageants promote cultural heritage in that beauty queens show case traditional attires representing various communities during a pageant competition,this activity enables the members of different communities to learn more about their culture and embrace it,also the outside visitors like the tourists are able to see the beauty in the culture of our communities thus assimilation and intermarriages ,an example of luhya community where the fore fathers used to wear hides and skin ,the beauty queens makes creative attires using the hides and skin reminding the luhya community of their roots,as they catwalk in the attires the traditional songs always accompanies them,

The beauty queens are also responsible for the conservation of the artefacts,graves and remains of the prominent leaders of the communities,an example of a pageant like miss tourism, this is a pageant that happens every year in all the forty seven counties of kenya ,where the crowned winner in each county is responsible for the tourism economy and the blue economy of that particular county ,when the tourists and the scholars visit the county to learn more on the artefacts or the graves of the leaders of the communities,an example of Nabongo Mumia,a leader of the wanga community whose grave is located in matungu kakamega county ,together with the graves of other fore fathers and leaders of the community,The miss tourism of kakamega county is always answerable and educating the tourists more on the existence of the graves and explains to them the period it has existed and what it means to the community,

They also pioneer a group that maintains the remains ensuring they stay in shape.

By bringing out the beauty of each community ,using different traditional attires and traditional songs ,the beauty queens have created diversity ,peace and love hence each community feels a sense of belonging, it feels that its culture is respected and valued,

Beauty pageants should be appreciated and supported fully by the tourism sector because without co existence ,and working together pageantry can likely fade and so is culture.

By Kudra okola

Content created and supplied by: Kudraokolla (via Opera News )


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