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A Blow For Luo Festival As Plans Cancelled Because Of This

Culture is one of the fabric that holds several communities together in most African Communities.

In Kenya, culture defines what happens in every community, however there are those cultures that holds a Common tribe together and reminds them of their forefathers.

Among those communities that are still held by the fabric if culture in Kenya is the Luo, Luhya, Kikuyi, Maasai and Meru. At least each community has one thing that it preserves to remind the descendants about their forefathers.

However, the luo prides itself as one of the communities that is build on deep culture in Kenya. It is for this reason that they hold a mega cultural celebrations at least once per year.

The mega celebrations, dubbed THE LUO FESTIVAL, has been held severally and brings usually all Luos from all over the nation to come together and celebrate their cultural prowess and progress. The festival I usually graced by major luo heroes such as musicians and politicians.

For the fist time in history, the luo festival has hit the ground as it has been postponed by the government. This comes after the president had issued directives that bars all in person social gatherings due to increase of covid-19 in the nation.

This postponement comes after the ministry of Interior and coordination of national government, department of interior and citizens service through the county governments of Nairobi, addressed a letter to Felix Odiwuor Kodhe alias Jalas, Arena Media CEO.

Jalas is a powerful media personnel who works at Kiss 100 radio station alongside the queen of the morning airwaves, Kamene Goro.

Jalas has been one of the best Kenyan Master of Ceremony as he has graced major events, with the recent Madaraka Day being the recent one.

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