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9 Big Ideas That Will Rewire Your Mind For Greatness

1. Consistency

Pick a good Industry/habit/routine and stick to it. Daily progress over the years will compound into remarkable results.

2. Setbacks happen

Setbacks are inevitable, but they don’t have to be permanent. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.

3. Find your “why”

The stronger the “why”, the easier the “how” will become. You are not your thoughts. You are the observer of your thoughts, not the victim.

4. Choose your thoughts wisely

Choose thoughts that empower you, not disempower you. You are the creator of your own life, through your thoughts, emotions, and action. Use your emotions as guidance, not as handcuffs.

5. You choose your happiness

Nobody else is responsible for making you happy – that’s your own job. If something makes you unhappy, change it.

6. Be grateful for what you have

Gratitude is the fastest way to increase your overall sense of well-being. Write your thoughts of gratitude in a journal every day. Look up whenever feeling low to remind yourself of what all you have to be grateful for.

7. Get rid of the clutter in your life

Clutter creates stress. Get rid of physical, mental, and emotional clutter to declutter your life.

8. Simplify your life

The simpler your life is, the happier you will be. Get rid of possessions and commitments that are not essential to your happiness.

9. Adopt Essentialism

Learning to say “no” is one of the most important skills you can learn. Quality is always better than quantity.

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