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Meet The New Technology That Will Not Only Make Your Garden Lavish But Also Earn You Money (Photos).

PVC Pipe Planters.

Use of PVC pipe planters is a recent development in agriculture and biotechnology. PCV pipes are designed to make a hydroponic garden. Hydroponic is a method of growing plants without soil. In this case, the soil contains all the essential micro and macro nutrients which the crops needs for physiological and biological activities. The procedure of using PCV pipe planters is as follows.

1. Measure and cut the PVC pipes using hacksaw.

2. Make holes for planting using suitable hand driller.

3. Smooth out the holes.

4. Add weed blocks.

5. Put irrigation pipes in place.

6. Place your seedlings of choice in the planting holes you had made.

A variety of vegetables and fruits can be grown using PVC pipe planters. Some of the commonly grown vegetables are kales, spinach, dania, onions, carrots and cabbages. On the other hand, the fruits grown using PVC pipe planters are bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies.

Using PVC pipe planters makes your garden look very attractive. In addition the crops grown can be sold to generate income. Eventhough the initial capital investment is high, this method is relatively cheap to some extent because the farmer will not incur the weeding cost.

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PVC PVC Pipe Planters


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