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See The Most Expensive Grave in The World

Death is an unavoidable aspect of life, and it is something that everyone must face. We've seen the wealthy fall prey to it, as well as the strong and powerful, so it's only fitting that we're prepared to answer their call, because it will, just at different times.

Men who have grasped the concept of living and dying, for example, plan for their final resting place before departing. So do it with costly coffins, some of which are decorated in a way that honors their ancestors' legacies.

The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, which is currently renowned as the world's most expensive tomb, nevertheless, fails to wow in terms of decoration. King Khufu, Egypt's Pharoah in 2589 B.C., was entombed beneath the 6. 5 million tons of stone that make up the pyramid.

The Tomb will set you back $5 billion ($5,000,000,000). The Valley of Kings in Egypt, the country closest to it, is now valued at 750 million dollars.

Experts estimate that, even with today's technology, rebuilding the same pyramid would cost more than $5 billion. It's not crowned in gold, as one might expect; instead, it's composed entirely of stones.

It is massive in scale, reaching 230 meters on each side with a height of 150 meters, and is the world's largest tomb, with an estimated 2. 3 million stones used in its construction.

Nonetheless, this amazing achievement could not have been achieved without the use of slave labor.

As we all know the dead do not have value on anything, soo what is your view on this story?

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