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10 People With The Most Unique Body Parts You Will Find Amazing

1. Webbed toes

Webbed toes are very unique and according to statistics only 1 out of 3000 babies are born with webbed toes. The webbed feet is completely normal and had not health complications.

2. Joint fingers

A joint fingers is very unique and very rare but actually a rare case but the above photo shows that such people still exist and it's completely normal and has no health effects.

3. Unique thumb

Can your thumb do this? It is completely impossible for many of us that are reading this but there are very unique people that can be able to do that perfectly well.

4. Morton's toe

Statistics reveal that only 10% of the 7 billion people have morton toe. Thus is a foot structure where the first toe is short while the second one is a bit longer. Mortons toe is perfectly normal and even the statue of liberty has this kind of toe.

5. Webbed hands

6. 6 fingers is also normal

6 fingers is also perfectly normal and probably gives you more advantage than the rest of human beings if you just become creative on how you use them.

7. Single Palmar

Only 1.5% of the world population has a single transverse Palmar and we were lucky to find one of these unique persons. It is most common in men and it is inherited from parents to their children.

8. Born without nails

This particular condition is called Anonychia congenital and it's inherited from parents to children. Some people will even lack all the nails but some only miss in one or two fingers.

9. Unique eyes

This is probably one of the most unique eyeballs but the person looks amazing. A side of the eyeball Grey while the other is normal.

10. Macular pucker

This often looks like a scar in the eye but is it not actually a scar. It is a tissue that forms in the macula of the eye and these people often have sharp eyes but sometimes there vision may be blurred.

Which of the above body parts do you think is the most unique? Share with us in the comment section below and also don't forget to like and share this article.

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