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Ways You Can Boost Your Articles

When we published our articles we expect thousands of views in each article. But at the end of the day, we find it's not what we expect. The monetization graph drops down each day and yet you put your maximum thoughts on it. I had the same problem giving me low self-esteem to write a new article. But the problem is that your articles should be much different from another person's different ideas and points of view.

 Secondly, it's your previous article letting you down if your clicks are few then it will reduce marketing the next article, hence you must give perfection on each article. Third brethren let's be real you cannot expect to get more clicks from your articles without stretching your hand to someone else. The point is that clicks other people's articles by doing so will scratch you back. You cannot be much followed unless you follow others. Let's unite ourselves and do me I do you, our post will improve and get more clicks per day.

 Lastly, too many reject articles will cost you and reduce your income, try using grammatical applications to check mistakes. By doing this we shall receive a huge sum of money end of the month. Follow me now click and comment and I must do so for you now. Love you brethren

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