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What type of people should I not trust in life?

1 - People who talk A LOT of shit - The more a person talks about itself, the more a person brags about being able to do this and that better than anyone else, about having super abilities, the more that person is unworthy of trust. Said person is full of itself and is actually unsure about how he/she will behave in a particular situation so how can you know what to expect?

2 - People who constantly remind you that you are a friend - Again. People who truly love you show it with their actions, not with their words. The more you call me “Bro” over and over the less I trust you. Remember that for example violent husbands always repeat to their victims that they love em after they beat the shit out of them. With words, everyone loves everyone, but actions speaks.

3 - People who mistreat animals - Aside from the fact that people who beat animals make me puke, think about this. If you are willing to beat your dog or let your cat starve, how much it takes to make you cross the thin line that makes you also mistreat other human beings? People who mistreat animals have a low or non existent empathy and they should never be trusted.

4 - People who already let you down in the past - If they let you down once, they will absolutely do it again someday. Don’t trust them.

5 - People who want to earn your trust at any cost - Yeah, guess what? The more you want me to trust you the more you make me suspicious

6 - People who constantly fuck up their own life - Shit can happen in life. But I can guarantee you that people who repeatedly ruined their own life for any reason will do the same to your life if you don’t keep them distant.

7 -Those people who are unable to make a serious conversation about anything - I met some people in life who were always joking or talking about bullshit every time they opened their mouths. Those persons are unworthy of trust for the simple fact that they don’t take nothing seriously.

8 - Drug addicts - Addictions are huge demons that destroy everything in your life. A person addicted to some kind of drug will put his vice above everything else, either willingly or unwillingly.

9 - People who only talk behind other people back - I don’t have to explain why. Guess what they talk about when you are not there?

10 - People who start appreciating you after you got somewhere - Those people are not interested to you. They are interested to your new lifestyle. Spend your time with them if you want but not trust them

11 - Superficial people - Those people who only see the ice tip of the iceberg that is underwater in every situation. Yep, those kind of people will never have my trust.

12 - Women who play hide and seek - I used this expression because I think is fitting. I’m talking about those women who make you think they are super interested in you, then disappear, then search you again, then you discover they have a boyfrend but then again come back searching for you. If you are interested that’s great, if you only want a lap dog because you like attentions, find it somewhere else

13 - Cold people - A detached, cold person may be trustworthy if you are one of its best friends. But in everyday life, cold people tend to use other human beings to get their goals. Contrary, a passionate person usually don’t let you down

14 - People who resolve everything with violence - So let me understand, when you and me will have a problem you will try to force me to do what you want? No way, I don’t want anything to do with you

15 - People who are unable to make other respect them - Those people are unworthy of trust because they don’t respect themselves first. They will cease to be trustworthy the very moment someone forces them to do so.

16.Egoistic people: Never accept their mistakes and create problems for others.

17.Misogynists: Have an evil eye on women and believe they are inferior.

18.Past behavior: If you have caught them in lies before, they are not worthy of your trust.

19.Uncertain people: They are unpredictable and can’t make a decision and stick to it.

20.Sadists: Always engaged in doing bad to others to feel good themselves.

21.Greedy brat: Never believes in the goodwill. Harms others for personal profits.

22.Jealous people: Jealous people are ditchers, frauds and sinful people.

23.Salesmen/hustlers who tell you they have the best deal that you won’t find anywhere else.

24.Politicians. Most (not all) are likable conmen that have agendas of personal gain.

When it comes to money issues, never trust anyone. Cash makes people act crazy, you never know what will happen.

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