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Ways In Which Kamba And Luo Festivals Differ

This weekend has seen a couple of festivals being held in the country. All this is aimed at embracing local cultures and different diversities.

Here are some of the differences between the two festivals.

1. Luo Festival is normally attended by the most flamboyant people in the society including the political class whereas Kamba festivals opens its doors to every single individual regardless of the race.

2. Kamba festival entrance is free. This is quite the opposite when It comes to Luo festivals. The fest allows only those who can afford to pay about Kenya Shillings 2000.

3. Luo festival was held in Ngong race course which is a bit classy and expensive. However, Kamba Festival will be held in Quiver lounge.

4. The Luo had their extravaganza on a Saturday night and the Kamba will be holding it on a Sunday night.

5. Many artists perform in Luo festivals as compared to the other fest.

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