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The Name and The Purpose Of The Shiny Silver Balls Rotating On Top Of Roofs

The shiny silver balls are mostly found in busy places such as Industries or godowns. These balls are called whirlybirds or turbine vents. They are among the most economical type of ventilation systems available because they do not use electricity, they are designed to be rotated by wind.

How Whirlybirds work

Whirlybirds are designed to control the temperature in any room by removing hot and damp hair from the room. During the winter the turbine vents remove excess dampness and humidity from the room thus preventing bacteria and mold growth in the room. During the summer they remove the excess temperature from the houses thus leaving the rooms cooler temperatures.

They contain a metal that is well designed to trap the wind with the fins. As the wind blows inside the turbines the vent rotates. This rotating motion creates a vacuum effect that sucks the hot air that accumulates under the roof.

However, they will only function properly in areas where the wind is sufficient. If they are installed in areas where the flow of the wind is slow they will not function accordingly because they depend on the speed of the wind to rotate. Before installing Whirlybirds take not on the wind levels of the area for effective performances.

How to install and the best location placing the turbine vents

Cut a hole on the roof that will allow hot air trapped under the roof to escape. Fix the whirlybirds on the hole and seal the spaces around the base to prevent leakages during the rain season. Whirlybirds work efficiently when installed at the highest part of the roof. This is because the hot air will rise and accumulate at the highest point of the roof.

The video below shows how whirlybirds are installed on roofs.

Benefits of installing whirlybirds over the overhead fan

They save on air conditioning and heating cost because they operate freely after installation.

They remove odors from the room and improve the air quality

Help in removing excess heat and minimizing mould growth.

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