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Forget About Bricks And Timber Trusses, Use This Best Materials To Build A Paradise Pergola.

Pergolas may also be called gazebos or rotundas depending on an individual's culture. They are designed to add shade to your backyard space. They are excellent for providing relief from direct rays of the sun while allowing sunlight access to fill the space. The main purpose of constructing a pergola is just to provide an area for you, your family, friends and lovers to mingle in.

Most of the people use bricks and timber in the construction of pergolas. However, the use of timber and bricks is highly discouraged because; bricks are highly affected by dampness and timber are prone to pest infestation. This article discusses some of the best materials that you can use to build your pergola.

1. Concrete Blocks.

Concrete are used to build the foundation of the pergola. They are very resistant to dampness. They have high compression ability and tensile strength thus makes a strong structure.

2. Steel Trusses.

These are used to construct the roof of the pergola. Steel trusses are stronger and more durable than timber trusses. They aren't affected by pest such as beetles and termites. In addition, steel trusses have high resistivity to fire outbreaks.

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Concrete Pergolas


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