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Why Doors in Public Bathrooms Don’t Reach the Floor

One of the most obvious reason is for emergency purpose, anyone around can see if someone gets some complication in there and needs some medical attention.

If the doors were like normal doors, it would be very difficult to know if there toilet is occupied or not. But with doors not reaching the floor, you can clearly see if it is vacant

With ordinary doors, the toilet would be taking long to get rid of bad smells and this would be disgusting. With doors lacking the bottom part, fresh air can get in easily getting rid of bad smell

Another reason is the cost. In a big city they will need a lot of doors for the toilets; to cut the cost they go for those doors that don’t reach the floor because they are much cheaper compared to ordinary ones

There are some individual with unusual behaviors in the toilet like drawing, with such doors, they may feel like they are not comfortable and lacking privacy, so they will avoid such behaviors

Another reason is for safety purposes, if you are in a situation where you need to get out but the lock is jammed, you can exit through the bottom for safety

It might feel awkward when you get into a toilet and then you realize that there is not toilet paper and now you will have to open the door if you ask for a toilet paper from someone. But with such doors, you will just pick the toilet paper form the bottom

Due to lack of privacy and that sense of feeling comfortable, people spend less time in those toilets and therefore the line moves fast. A person will have no time to check on their phone or any other thing

In case the pipe breaks, such doors will allow water to get out of the toilet, unlike ordinary doors that might prevent this. Such half doors also make it easy to clean the toilet.

Toilet doors are mostly pulled in when leaving the toilet so as; you won’t hurt anyone when opening, prevent smell from spreading to the surrounding and you can’t be locked out by someone else

We push the toilet door when entering so as; one can open without even touching the handle and pushing the door is much easier and it saves time

Content created and supplied by: NastieEddie (via Opera News )


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