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Listen To Your Inner Voice-Opinion

There are times that nothing seem to work. Things don't happen the way you want them to happen. It always depend with one's personality. Some people give themselves another chance to try again while others give up. Giving up is the mistake that you should never make. As long as you don't give up, you give yourself the chance to achieve or let me say not giving up means you still have the chance. 

In life, there are setbacks. Come on, you don't expect everything to happen smoothly without a challenge. Why do you have to give up then? Sometimes the very things that are happening in your life are the things that helps you to grow fast. Take a look at your life without setbacks. What will you learn? Will you really understand what others are going through? Challenges make us more strong. 

Things change. Accept the changes and live with it. You don't expect people to be perfect. People disappoint. The earlier you know that the better for you. Expect your most trusted people to leave you, expect your strongest friendship to get ruined. Yes, expect the people you love most to leave at the time you need them most. The moment you have these expectations in your mind, dealing with situations will be easier for you. Nothing will be a surprise to you. 

 Changing situations may be easier said than done but don't you think we can accept these situations and live with them? Trust your instincts, yes, listen to yourself, your inner voice. I believe your inner voice is the best advisor you've got. Never listen to the voices of the world. Those noises will only make you fall. Never give their noise satisfaction. Challenge them. 

Suffering is necessary until the moment you realize that it is unnecessary. The moment you realize that you were never born and you don't live to suffer, you will definitely do something for yourself. Doing something is better than just sitting and doing nothing. Doing something lifts you from the suffering. Yes suffering becomes unnecessary when you realize that you should not suffer. It is at this point that you realize that you should work harder and smarter to succeed. It also helps you to stop blaming people for your own problems. Additionally it helps you to stop depending on people whose help will never change your story. 

Hey, you are strong💪 

You are capable of changing your story. Do something for yourself.  

Hold your head high, smile, achieve

Be there for yourself. You've got this. Never give up.

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