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5 tips for to awaken your true self

Awakening is realizing the true nature of your existence and knowing the purpose of your own life. To trigger spiritual awakening do the following.

1. Start questioning everything

Questions will give you a curiosity like child. Curiosity will open you have to discover many aspects of life. Question almost everything that you have learned, experienced and why you are here on earth.

2. Don't believe in anything

To awaken, you must free yourself from all kinds of beliefs. Just be yourself and find yoir own answers about personal life. Realize that what you know as per now, is what you have been taught but your never questioned.

3. Meditate daily

Wake up at around 3 in the morning and go into a deeper States of meditation.

4. Desire to awaken

Something cannot happen unless you open your heart to it. Have a strong desire that you want to know who you are.

5. Simply say "I don't know anything'

This is a fact. We don't know anything including your own self. W ha we think we know is what we learned from others and in books. Those were other people's perceptions. It is time to question all what you think you Know. When you simply say I don't know, the longing to know becomes natural to you.

6. Stay in the present moment

Realize that in the nature of our three dimensional space, time is an illusion. The past, present and the future is one happening. Time is not a linear path 5o follow. So don't think about future and don't think of the past either. Just be present here and now. Concentrate on what you are doing at the moment. If you are reading this article, be 100% present.

7. Spend time alone

This is very important. Stay away from people who are not willing to awaken. This will give your space Holy for your intentions to manifest. Staying alone will enable you have greater focus on your own path to awakening.

8. Remove fear

Fear is what make you not to achieve the ultimate spirtiu8 awakening. Fear will also make you accept things which are not true. It is an acronym which means the following.

F- false

E- evidence

A- appearing

R- real

When fear is removed, your life will show up according to your purpose.

Content created and supplied by: @Religion (via Opera News )


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