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Avoid These 5 Things If You Want People To Respect You.

We respect people who stands for their actions and have great qualities. Respect is something a person can merely demand but earned over a period of time. Avoid the behaviors below to gain respect.

1.Behaviour switching.

Everyone behaves diffrent depending on the environment they are in ,which is normal. However,your personality on how you treat someone should change because of the environment. It's not okey to be friendly with someone when alone by ignore them around people.

2. Being a liar.

Your words hold value, people's respect for you depends on how much they can trust what you say. When they realize you are a dishonest person,they will question your respect.

3. Getting offended easily.

Being insecure with yourself and taking things too serious will make others worry about what to do or say around you.This Will pull them away from you.

4. Procrastinating too much.

When you consistently put things off until last minute, you're bound to drop it as some point. This then makes people question If you a really dependable.

5. Taking a defensive approach.

When someone points out one of your mistakes,you should handle it with Grace. Humility will help you accept feed backs and criticism without getting defensive.

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