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How To Keep A Toilet Bowl Clean Naturally

1.Use vinegar and baking soda for regular cleaning.

These two items are commonly useful in the kitchen but also make excellent natural cleaner's. Since baking soda is basic and vinegar is acidic when they react they form corbon dioxide which lift away crime.

2.Scrub your toilet bowl.

Definitely each and every one of us as a clean toilet brush, use a clean toilet brush and scrub thoroughly. This will rapidly speed the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar releasing corbon dioxide that will break up bits of grime.

3.Let the toilet dry.

You should look for means to air dry your toilet or you can speed the process by wiping it with a paper towel.

3.Flush your toilet.

It is perfectly safe for your to flush down drain vinegar and baking soda since they are harmless to your septic tank.

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