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Ways to test if the honey you are buying is pure or fake.

Here are some of the ways to test if the honey you bought is pure or fake.

1. Using a match stick.

Dip a match box in the honey then light up. If it lights up the honey is pure. If it doesn't light up that means additives like water which prevents the matchstick from lighting up. Instead of a matchstick you can also fold a small piece of tissue, dip in some honey then light it up.

2. Using a glass of water.

Pour some water into a glass, then pour a teaspoonful of honey into the water. Pure honey will settle at the bottom of the glass and fake honey will start mixing with water.

3. The swirl test.

In a small bowl put a tablespoonful of honey then pour a cup of water into the bowl and swirl. Keep swirling till the honey starts to form a honeycomb shape. If you do not see the honeycomb shape then your honey is not pure.

4. Using vinegar.

Mix a bit of honey and water then add four to five drops of vinegar. If it turns foamy then the honey is not pure.

5. Put a little amount of honey on your thumb.

Pure honey will stay put or very slowly start to drip to the sides. Honey that's not pure will easily spill away from the thumb. You can also use a spoon instead. Dip a spoon in your honey then hold it up. Pure honey will trickle down very slowly while fake honey will spill or trickle down very fast.

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