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The Seven Days Of The Week

*Seven Days*

When there's a will there's away to the impossible,

I tried to fly, I tried to get high nearly was capable,

I worked my nights and days nearly was payable,

But I took my rest, quit my journey which was so irresponsible.

Because Mondays left me broken,

When I peeped I had no token,

My black ass was already taken

By the worse morning colds awaken.

Tuesdays left me pissed off,

The dogs in green nearly chopped my hands off,

I let my gas on but my lazy pig could turn it off

Left me with an anger of fire that I couldn't put off.

Wednesdays got me in a corner crying,

Why was I even trying

When all the lovers of my life did was lying

Even when I use to boil the meat before frying.

I had a show of flashbacks on Thursdays,

Life was full of hope those days,

When I had my salaries from my Mama's paydays,

But nothing seemed easy even on our good days.

Package Fridays, metal arrival

I had to hit the dust for survival,

When mama couldn't work no more coz of her stingy rival

Who made me wish I was a carnival.

Saturdays locked me indoor,

No clothes to wear niggar so poor,

Which made me turn boor 

And didn't want to hear any noise from the door.

I went to churches on Sundays at dinner,

I was as hungry as no other sinner,

 Because I missed myself; my inner

That couldn't let me be a winner.

For the poem lovers,how can you relate this one?

Content created and supplied by: Emily_moraa (via Opera News )

Seven Days Of The Week


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