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Anytime You Buy Any Electronic in Nairobi, Please Do the Following Before Leaving the Shop

Rapid rise in counterfeits has seen many Kenyans, especially those in the capital, Nairobi, and other major towns, lose alot of money. There have been case of people purchasing fake brands and only realising when they get home/their destinations. So, here are some very important things you should always do before leaving a shop, that is after purchasing your device or any other electronic appliances.

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To begin with, before you make payment, make sure the item you are purchasing is tested. You are buying an appliance that you'd one to serve you or whoever you are buying it for, for years. So, one of the most important step is to make sure the appliance is working before you pay a single coin. Never walk into a shop then carry a packed item, no matter how much you trust the shop. Once you step out of the shop, returning that particular item(s) would be a new form of headache, that can only be healed by giving up your pursuit for exchange or refund.

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When testing the item, make you what you are purchasing is what is being tested. Never accept results of testings from sample appliances and devices. Make sure what you are purchasing is what is being tested before you leave with it. Most importantly, make sure what has been tested is what has been given to you. You need to be very keen when sellers do your packaging. There have been cases of customers having their new items tested before they leave the shops, but when home, they realise they have purchased, the wrong item. Why? Some sellers do change the items, genuine ones for fake ones. The recent case that I saw on social media was a lady who thought she had purchased an iPhone, when she got home, she found out what she had been given was an Itel with an iPhone logo, despite testing an iPhone in the shop.

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In summary, when you purchase any item/device/appliance, make sure it is tested in the shop before you leave with it and make sure you only carry what has been tested and proven authentic. Please share this information widely. Thank you.

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