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Life Lessons You Need To Learn As Soon As Possible.

1. Not everyone is your friend. In most cases our enemies are always close to us, so be careful of who choose as a friend. Some of those you think are true friends would not stand besides you when going gets rough.

2. Never make assumptions about others. You should be sure before speaking anything about anyone.

3. Your happiness is not dependant on others. Do whatever makes you happy as we only live once.

4. Take a stand on what you believe. Set your standards in life and it is okay to be different from those around you.

5. Choose your friends wisely. Make sure they have some vision for the future. Some of the worst disappointments in life will come from those you call them friends.

6. Your parents are not wrong most of the time so follow what they tell you. No one loves you more them.

7. It is okay to ask a lot of questions. The more you ask, the better you understand.

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