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Opinion: Things That You Should Never Buy as Second Hand and Why [PHOTOS]

There are many benefits to looking for deals. There are lots of fantastic secondhand goods available, including furniture, automobiles, clothing, and even exercise gear. But occasionally, it simply goes too far. 

Some people would feel comfortable donning a worn-out pair of Converse, while others would object. 

Nevertheless, recognizing which "bargains" to pass up can be just as crucial, particularly when purchasing secondhand could endanger your safety. 

Shopping at thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets is a smart move if you want to reduce your spending or your overall consumption of waste. You not only get to keep an item out of the trash, but you can frequently pay a small portion of the selling price.

1. Bedclothes and mattresses 

You wouldn't want bedbugs, lice, mites, or other contagious insects in your house. Every time you need a new mattress and bedding, it is advised that you get them. 

2. Garments and underwear 

These items come into direct contact with flesh. You never know what kind of sickness or skin condition the former owner suffered from. 

3. Lamps 

One of the main factors contributing to house fires is improperly wired lighting. Don't take on another person's risk. 

4.Cosmetics and makeup tools 

Acceptable if unopened. If not, you can be putting yourself at risk for diseases brought on by bacteria. 

5. Shoes

Although buying gently used shoes may be acceptable, buying used shoes that have seen frequent wear is not advised, according to experts.

A pair of extensively worn shoes may eventually bring you pain or even health issues because they mold to their owner's foot

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