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College Education


The Power of an idea

This concepts if you read them will change your life in networking. 

For things to change you have to change . For things to get better you have to get better. It's not other things that need to change its you. Once you start to exolore your own growth. You can take a control of your life and it works to your downlines too. If you tell them to change and you yourself can't change the way you do things then you are a doomed. But if you change them also will change.

 Are you blaming yourself or blaming people? Rate yourself.

Formal Education will make you a living and you will get a paycheck, Self education will make you a fortune . Of you stop growing. You stop dying. So you need to continue with your growth. Stop the mannerisms of blames you will fail. Stop thinking like an Employee think like a boss. Stop waiting for graduation so that you start trading Educate yourself.

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