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How To Make Your Bedsitter Appear Big And Spacious

Bedsitter appartments are normally not so big. The arrangement of your bedsitter and the things you put on it will either make it look spacious or small. Today am going to share with you on the ways to make your bedsitter. appear specious.

1.Use of dividers

Do you want your bedsitter to look spacious? Well purchase room dividers. You can also divide your bedsitter using shears. The reason to why you should use room dividers they make your room to give an impression of having numerous rooms. The demarcated sections include the living room and the bedroom.

2.Use Mirrors

Make use of mirrors. Speaking of multifunction, mirrors add both additional light and the feeling of extra space into room s. If it Is possible have more than one mirror. You can have a dressing mirror and another for decoration purposes. Do not arrange all your mirrors in one place. Mirrors create illusion making your bedsitter appear big.

3.Use light colours

Light colours will make your bedsitter Appartment appear big and spacious than the dark colours. This colours include Yellow, orange, white, Red and pink.Light colour reflect light. They bring whole ambiance to the room hence making the room to appear larger. Though you can mix with one one dark colour. Dark colours are black, maroon and beige.

4.Avoid tables

This will depend on the size of your bedsitter Appartment. If you feel your bedsitter is a bit small avoid tables since they will suffocate your space. Instead you can introduce stools that will serve the roles of a table or again you can choose to have no stool or table.

5. Use enough lighting

Make use of enough lighting.You can use different types of bulbs. Lighting makes your bedsitter room look sophisticated and elegant despite being a bedsitter. Adequate light also creates illusion.


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