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How Mach Does it Cost to Roof a Three Bedroom House with Either Roof Tiles or Modern Iron Sheet?

When one want to build a house, the first important thing to do is to gather data. Make sure you have a budget that will help you to know the amount of money you will need for your construction. Just remember that success doesn't just come, it comes from hard work and persistence. Building a house is not something so easy but you can just do it if you focus well on your dream.Roofing a house is one of important cost you need to have in your budget. The roof consist of the iron sheet/tiles, timbers and nails. The first important thing you need to do is have a roofing design. This will be determined by the size of the house and the way you want your house to look like. Designs are readily available, you can buy from the architect or you can also buy from so many other websites.Once you have the desired design its now easy to culculate the cost of roofing either by iron sheets of roofing tiles.Iron sheets are abit cheaper than roof tiles. There are so many types of iron sheet in the country. You can choose your according to your budget.Iron Sheet have different sizes, there are those of 4 by 6 feets, 4 by 8 feets, 4 by 10 feets and also 4 by 12 feets.

You are the one to decide which one's to use, most people prefer to use 4 by 6 and 4 by 8 feets iron sheet.Iron sheets are usually sold according to their gauge and coating. 2M length of gauge 32 costs kes 410 in an average hardware shop around Nairobi. This translates to kes 242 per m2. Gauge 30 box profile prepainted. 2M length of gauge 30 costs kes 760 in an average hardware shop around Nairobi.With this figure its now so easy to culculate the cost of the roofing. Your roof design will give you the measurements of the the iron sheet needed. Taking the area to be roofed its now easy to culculate the number of iron sheet you need according to the size.

Installing clay roofing tiles around Nairobi will cost you around Sh600 per sq m and concrete roofing tiles will cost you the most around Sh800 per sq m. Concrete tiles are, however, cheaper than slate stone tiles at Sh1,500 per sq m, wooden tiles at Sh1,800 per sq m, and stone coated steel tiles at Sh2,000 per sq m.This means this price may be cheaper depending with the location.

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