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Stop Telling People this Eight Words that will Destroy your Life

Photo by Zach Vessels Unsplash

Sometimes people tend to say deadly words that destroys their success and reputation.You say words that act as a block in between your success and lives. The fun part is when you say that word and live by it.

If you are in this position of saying negative things upon your life. Then you are going to have a hard time with your life.

When you say something bad in your life believe it or not you are going to live it. That could be your final destination. Many won't believe this because they are already saying " words can't control me." But let me you that, words will be heavy in your life the moment you start assuming things.

First 4 words that you should not say

I can't do it: Try say this words to yourself, I guess it was just as easy as one two three four, right? You see, the moment you say " I can't do it" your brain shutdown. Your brain becomes lazy to work again.

Our brain tends to work similarly as a computer, so when you type in your command " I can't do it" it executes a negative result.

Second 4 words

I can't afford it: I hate people who say this words. A good of people like using this words as an excuse, maybe a friend asks you to buy as car you can use for transportation and the easiest thing to tell him or her is that " I can't afford it"

The main problem with this words, is that they will affect your life and success since it's very easy to tell someone that you can't afford it or I don't have enough money.

You should learn to avoid words like these if you are interested in becoming successful. Don't relate yourself with words that can intimidate your success.


Stop sending negative thoughts into your brain. Give your brain the right commands. Instead of saying negative things over your life start building your life again. Brain can be rebooted so, this could be your time to change.

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