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7 Simple Things You Are Doing Wrongly Every day Unknowingly

There are many things in life we do wrongly without knowing. Here are 7 everyday life skills that you have been unknowingly doing them wrongly.

1. Eating a pancake- Eating a pancake is a major life skill. But how can we eat it without smearing our faces with the chocolate cream inside and avoid falling apart of the cake? The correct way is to gently break off the bottom and place it on top creating a perfect little cupcake sandwich.

2. Wearing earphones- Earphones will fall off if not worn correctly. The correct etiquette is to loop them behind your ears with the cord running over the pinnar and then plugging in.

3. Eating Pringles- Putting crips in a plate when eating is very wrong. The best way is to fold paper into a makeshift sleeve and slip it into the cylinder. Tilt the can and they will come out as you pull out the paper.

4. Resealing a plastic bag- The best way to reseal a plastic bag is by using a disposable plastic bottle. Cut the topside of the bottle and pull the mouth of the plastic bag then flip the plastic bag mouth over the rim of the bottle and cap your bottle.

5. Eating a banana- Instead of snapping a banana open from the stem and crushing the underlying banana, use the monkey style. Ignore the stem and focus on the nubby opposite. Use your index finger and thumb to split the banana.

6. Eating a burger- Eating a burger wrongly will lead to broken parts which slip out on the side opposite your grip. Instead, place your thumb and pinky fingers underneath the bottom bun while the rest of the fingers are on top.

7. Cleaning your blender- Instead of using hands to clean a blender, just add some dishwashing liquid and water and blend it. This will do the cleaning better and faster.

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