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Business Management analysis

Empathise with Anxious Customers

Anxious customers want you to understand how they feel although a few would come straight up and say, hey I'm anxious. You'll have to pick up on their anxiety and when you do, it’s important to show empathy, acknowledge their concerns are valid and make sure they realize they are dealing with someone who understands them. E.g.

“I'm unsure which plan I made there’s, just so much information to wade through.”

“I know how you feel, when I first started working here I felt the same way. There’s a lot to take in but I'm happy to talk you through each option because there are some major differences. Let’s start with the basic plan.”

This response acknowledges and validates the customer’s concerns before focusing on the solution for stepping through the various plans.

“I'm not sure which one to buy, there are so many and I don't want to pick the wrong one. 

“There certainly are a lot of options but I can help narrow them down for you based on quality price and features. So let’s start with your budget.”

Showing empathy puts the salesperson on the same page as the customer and as a result, will be more receptive to discussing their concerns in detail which should make finding a solution that fits much simpler.

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