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Ways to Express Kindness to Yourself

The world is unforgiving place and tough at times times. It can bring you down in seconds and wish to never see another day.

It doesn't stop and is fast paced. It's hard to be motivated and harder to stay motivated.

Create time for yourself. Select a day in a week and put aside other activities. That specific day make it your personal day. Do things you want and like to do.

Differentiate between the things you want to do and things you have to do. Life is too short to fill it up with calls,sales, meeting and events. Try doing the things you love and enjoy.

Call in for emergency. If point one didn't work. Call at work and inform them you are sick.

Tell it only to the management since others will start seeking your attention. You are doing this for yourself, please fulfill the purpose.

Luxuriate yourself. Work with your budget and do something that brings tremendous happiness to your life.

You have worked for your earnings. Once in a while treating yourself will do you good. Whatever brings joy in your life,go do it,be it pedicure or some chocolates.

Trust in yourself. Whatever you're struggling with, face it the way it is and believe in yourself. You were born a winner.

Remember you emerged as the strongest sperm. Look how far you have come and get inspired to move forward. When you are convinced how strong you are,get up and work harder.

Positive declaration. Motivate yourself with that talk of "I can make it,I cannot afford to fail". It will drastically raise your spirit and improve your moods.

Surround yourself with people who care about you. All round have people who talk positively and cares about you.

When it's overwhelming,stick to those who adores and understands you. The kind of people who would catch you before you fall. Also alternate the care.

Keep off those who belittles you.

Go for a walk. It's very simple but very therapeutic. Get out there and see the beauty of the nature.

Smell the fragrance of the flowers, the melodiously whistling of the birds and the whispers of the wind as it passes. Once in awhile try it while it's raining. You will feel the tremendous changes.

Listen to music. It's a universal language and sees through our souls. Play your favourite or according to your mood. Music takes you to a place only you knows.

Read and learn something. Though not everyone is into reading,but you must have come across a great book or magazine. Take it and add some knowledge. It's worthwhile.

Share with the needy. Doing something for others makes the body release a feel good chemical known as serotonin. This boosts your mood and make you feel warm fuzzy for days.

Grip a nap. A nap a day refreshen your mind. Even great CEOs agree with it. However,make sure you deserve it,not to wake up guilty.

It allows you to view things differently than earlier before the nap. That's why it's advised little kids to take naps in between the day. It assists their mind to grow rapidly. It's proven,take it.

Compliment yourself. It goes a long way. Check yourself in the mirror and appreciate your reflection. It's starts with loving what you see,for others to see it.

Help a stranger. Imagine how better the world would be if we treated everyone equally.

Give a helping hand,you don't know how it will be paid back tomorrow. Imagine yourself as the stranger and the treatment you could expect. Give it.

Have a day where nothing matters. In fitness we have a day per week whereby you can eat anyhow with no restrictions. Refered as cheat day.

You can also have yours per week. You focus on things which don't matter like watching movies while eating your favorite snacks. Keep off the daily routine.

Call someone special to you. Let someone you value, know how important they are in your life.

Imagine you're on the receiving end,how appreciated you would feel. Make someone feel it.

Count your blessings. Look at yourself and see how blessed you are. Be it health, loving family, financial stability,name it. Be grateful,someone somewhere admire your life. You should not take it for granted.

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