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Mistakes That Stop Our Homes From Looking Ideal

Amateurish attempts to hide bad spots

You may think that covering over a cupboard overflowing with junk with a curtain is a great idea. But actually, its the opposite. More often than not, a temporary solution to the problem looks amateurish and clumsy. What you should do is to sort out the junk on your shelves and establish some kind of order. That way you won't encounter the awkward look in your room.

Storing all the cleaning items in one place

We always have this thought of storing all the things we need for cleaning in one cupboard. It may seems like common sense, but if your home has a number of rooms or more than one floor, this might be more inconvenient than convenient. Keep at least one emergency sponge or cleaning fluid in the bathroom or the kitchen since this will allow you to get rid of stains that might appear straightaway, rather than put them off until you do a general clean of your house or apartment.

Putting up shelves in hard-to-reach areas

Having shelves that are meant to store everyday objects, yet they've been placed somewhere close to the ceiling, there are chances that you won't bother using them and instead just keep things scattered about for convenience. What you should do is to leave hard-to-reach shelves for things that you very rarely use, on the other hand, the things you need on a daily basis should be stored in a place that's much easier to access.

Storing seasonal items in non-transparent containers and bagsThe big problem here is that you can't tell what's in a non-transparent box or bag. Thks might result to unpacking everything when you are searching for something you need. The solution thks problem is very simple, just keep seasonal objects in see-through bags or containers.

Replacing disorder with cleanliness

Cleanliness and order at home is very important. But when you clean the floors but leave things lying around the room, or wash the dishes but then leave them to dry in a mess rather than on the rack, then you're clearly not covering all the bases. You might have got things clean, but your home will still look untidy. Always put things you've cleaned back in their proper places. That way your home will look clean and also tidy.

Using only one source of light

Having only one source of light in the evenings, is like an energy-saving bulb attached to the ceiling, even the tidiest apartment won't feel very cozy. You should add a table lamp, a lamp on a wall bracket, or some fairy lights. An additional source of warm soft light in the evenings can add a whole new mood to a room.

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