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Just In: Famous Kamba Names And Their Meaning

Kamba names have great meaning and play a role in the community. Kamba parents name their children following an event, special occasions, season, character among other markable situations. Let's see some of these names.

Mwalimu-male name meaning a teacher. If there was a teacher in that family and died child can be called mwalimu

Makau- male name meaning war. Child born during period of insecurities or war.

Kanini- female name meaning small. Child may be born very small

Mutua- male name meaning overstaying. Child may take longer period during delivery

Wambua- male name meaning rain. Child born during rainy season.

Munyoki- male name meaning alcohol. Child may be named after a grandfather who was always drunk

Wayua- female name meaning famine. Child may be born during drought ,period of famillne.

Mwangangi- male name meaning unsettled. Child may be born during time of massive transition.

Kambua/mumbua- female names meaning rain. Child born during rainy day or season.

Mbiti- male name meaning hyena.

Mutuku- male name meaning night or darkness. Child born at night.

Kioko- male name meaning morning . Child may be born in morning .

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Kamba Kanini- Makau- Mutua- Mwalimu-male


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